Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So the thing about Australia in May...

May 9th I fly to Brisbane and spend the week at
15th International Reach to Recovery Breast Cancer Support Conference. I am looking forward to participating in a conference with a global sensibility. There will be 600 participants from 40 countries. 

Included in my small speaking group alone is a woman from Kenya and several others from Australia. I am interested to learn how our global communities address the issue of women's health. 

I have been working on an new speaking bit- People Like Us: How To Become A Reluctant Iconoclast and Change The World. I am looking forward to trying it out!

And then, well, I'll  join up with 7 of my pals from the US, along with women from 5 other countries, totaling 32 women on motorcycles and 3 support vans.  We'll kick the engines on our Harley's and burn rubber to Sydney. Hee-hee.
Reach to Recovery 2009

CURE MAGAZINE Spring 2009-Warrior Surivivors

Kathy LaTour, Editor-At -Large for Cure Magazine was one of the riders on the '08 Amazon Heart Thunder Ride down the coast of California. What you may ask is Amazon Heart Thunder? I'll let Kathy describe it: 
The Amazon Heart Thunder motorcycle ride in September 2008 brought together 20 breast cancer survivors, including two with metastatic disease, from eight states and the U.K. for a more than 800-mile ride from Los Angeles to San Francisco. The women, diagnosed between the ages of 29 and 53, included experienced riders as well as those who learned to ride for the event. Four participants drove two vans that hauled luggage and provided additional support, such as taking riders to eat in the evening and stopping for emergencies.

Also check out Kathy's Diary from the ride which can be found only online-
CureToday.com: Spring 2009 Article - "Web Exclusive: An Amazing Journey with Remarkable Women"
*spoiler alert yours truly will be mentioned*

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What's in a name?

So what's up with Wild Mercy anyway? I went to hear one of my favorite Authors, Terry Tempest Williams, speak about her new book, Finding Beauty In a Broken World.  

She relayed a story of being at a point of loss in her life and asking for direction, for wild mercy.  I was struck by her language as a prayer and a request. I kinda love it. 

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Mautner Project's BIG LOVE- Valentines Day fundraiser in Washington DC

Tim and I spent Valentine's weekend happily trekking through US History and visiting friends in DC, our spiritual mecca. We're kinda geeky that way. 

More importantly, however, was that we were visiting to celebrate an amazing women's health organization, The Mautner Project, and attend their BIG LOVE 19th Anniversary Gala. 

Fellow pal and Amazon Heart participant Wanda Cockrell is a board member of The Mautner Project and asked us to attend and donate one of my photographs "Offering", to the silent auction. We jumped at the chance. 

The Muntner Project, National Lesbian Health Organization is an on going recipient of grants from The Susan G. Komen Foundation.  Among the many services The Mautner Project provides are support and health resources for women who partner with women and their families newly diagnosed with cancer.

Hey Wanda - Thanks for inviting us!