Monday, April 13, 2009

CineNoma -a short night of local short films

Generally I am not wild about planning and executing fundraisers, but I am thrilled about CineNoma, a night of short films made by local filmmakers, and shot in Sonoma County. Collectively, these films have screened in more than 40 film festivals.   

Possibly, I am excited because all of the filmmakers are way talented -- and they happen to be my friends and, in some cases, my family. And well, gosh, one of the films is mine.

(artwork is temporary and incomplete; tentative date 7/18 location as yet to be determined)
Stay tuned once the details to get ironed out. Join us see some great flics, meet the filmmakers, buy some Binski's homemade pies and support a great cause.

The beneficiary is Amazon Heart Thunder, which donates to the Young Survival Coalition in the US,

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