Monday, April 13, 2009

Revvving Up!

Okay, many of you know I have been an advocate for women with cancer for some 12-odd years now. And yes I suppose the right word is odd.  The list is long and varied, some activities have been a bit scholarly, others a physical challenge, some requiring civic skills, but the most fun by far has been Amazon Heart Thunder. A few blog entries down, Kathy La Tour and CURE Magazine does a great job explaining just exactly what Amazon Heart Thunder is, but here's my version, short hand: Harley Davidson provides breast cancer survivors with brand new bikes to spend 10 days or so tripping down the coast of California or Australia relaying our stories and inspiring simply by being "bodies of evidence" of survival.  

This will be the last year for Amazon Heart Thunder as our intrepid leaders, Megan Dwyer and Mereidith Campbell have new horizons to explore and after 5 years, they are ready to move on. 

So in 2009, I am double dipping : I plan to ride both in OZ (as in Australia) in May, from Brisbane to Sidney, and California in October, from Marina Del Rey to San Francisco.

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