Monday, April 13, 2009

Marcia L. Anderson Breast Care Education Fund

Can I tell you a story about my friend Marcia?

Paul and Nancy Anderson lost their sister Marcia 10 years ago. After Marcia passed, Paul and Nancy set up an education fund in her name. Marcia was a social worker and a nurse, and the fund allowed Marcia's siblings to continue to build awareness and support for breast health in Sonoma County.  

Paul and I spoke in January, as we do nearly every year, and I shared with him about my current advocacy shenanigans. I asked after Marcia's Fund and if it could perhaps support some of the national/international speaking I am planning to pursue this year. He told me to write it up and present it....

I remember talking on the phone one day with Marcia. I was saying that just about everyone in my life was upset with me for one thing or another, and that I had to set about the arduous task of cleaning up the pieces and putting things right. Marcia’s reply was, “Nancy, I can’t imagine anyone ever being mad at you.”  It was such a sweet, warm thing to say and made me feel unconditionally appreciated. I have retold this story many times and received many eye rolls in response. I now realize that the story says more about Marcia’s gentle, unflappable nature than it does about me.  Lets face it: everyone should have a Marcia in their corner.

After reading my prospectus Paul said, "It would be a pleasure to offer you the grant this year." And you know what? I had that same warm, appreciated feeling all over again. I am beginning to suspect that it is an Anderson trait after all.

Another great pleasure in this story is that the Sutter Santa Rosa Breast Care Center is administering this grant which allows me to continue my long standing relationship with them. 

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  1. Nance, I am SO PROUD OF YOU. Not only have you been there for me as I went through my surgery and treatment, you've been there to help me through my struggle with recovery. You sent me the wonderful Lizbeth without whom I would not still be here and I'm so jazzed the the BCC is administering the grant so we can gather you back up in our arms, we miss you so.